NU’EST Reveals The Song They’re Still Embarrassed To Perform—Over 7 Years Later

That’s how they react after every time they perform it 😂

Since NU’EST is reaching nearly ten years since their debut, there are more than enough embarrassing moments they wish they could forget.

Of those moments, there’s one they relive every time they hold a concert—thanks to one of their early songs.


During the group’s visit to MMTG, host Jae Jae brought up lyrics from one of their songs that were even more humorous now than it was back then. She read the line out loud, “This is Aron‘s part, ‘I want your noona.’

The iconic line, “I wanna your noona,” was instantly recognized by the group as they began to sing it and dance to the choreography that went along with it.

Although Ren and JR showed off some of the point dances for the track, it was so flashy that Jae Jae asked, “Aren’t you making it up?

To prove it was truly the choreography to “The Girl Next Door”, the group began to sing about liking a friend’s older sister while throwing out all the hearts. It was so embarrassing that JR tried to hide behind a heart while Minhyun and Baekho laughed as they looked for the signal to stop.

Even while Ren continued until the end, JR fell into a chair while Baekho bent over. Minhyun couldn’t take it either, stopping along with them.

As Jae Jae cracked up at the flashy dance and straightforward lyrics, Ren also laughed as he struck the “important” finishing pose.

Jae Jae pointed out their embarrassment, “Except for Ren, all three of you turned around.

Leader JR revealed that it was their usual reaction after every performance of “The Girl Next Door”. JR said, “We still do that on stage, and this is how we feel after the stage.

Although the song was released all the way back in 2013 through their second mini-album Hello, NU’EST still can’t handle it.

See them perform a 2021 version that shows just how embarrassing the extremely cutesy song is for them.