NU’EST Tested Their Flexibilities With A Game Of Limbo, Here Are The Results

Check out how low they did go!

On a recent episode of NU’EST‘s L.O.Λ.E STORY, a series uploaded to the group’s official YouTube channel, the members went on a field trip and decided to play some games together – including the popular outdoor one, Limbo.


While the members all got through the first few rounds relatively easily, they all began to struggle as the bar continued to drop. And the lower the bar got for the members, the more impressive it became for the viewers!


The first to be eliminated, hence the least flexible member, was Minhyun. He started off eagerly, rushing through the pole – but ended up kneeling in one swift movement. The pole was at about 43 inches (110 cm) high.


Then, Aron tried to Abracadabra his way under the pole. Unfortunately, he couldn’t keep himself up long enough to get through the round. He plopped on his back on the ground and the members realized this round isn’t as easy as it seemed!


The remaining three members got to move on to the next round, at 33.5 inches (85 cm) high. The height of the pole looked impossible to limbo through – but NU’EST members were excited to battle out their flexibility levels!


Ren, who showed incredible flexibility throughout the previous rounds, was the third to be eliminated. NU’EST thought Ren would win the game – but with him out of the game, and only JR and Baekho left, it had become quite interesting as to who would take the throne as the king of flexibility!


During the final round, at half an inch lower, JR was eliminated too. Like Minhyun, JR fell right to his knees before he could make it through the round. Look at the dramatic moment of JR’s complete defeat.


So the verdict was out! Baekho – who was actually able to clear that last round at 33 inches as well – is the most flexible member of NU’EST!


Watch the full clip here: