NU’EST’s Baekho Performed Shirtless And The World Came To A Halt

One word: WHOA.

NU’EST W recently performed in Seoul as part of their final stage for the four-member special unit and their performance has certainly left a big imprint on fans and non-fans alike!


The group was on fire and left fans cheering during every single one of their songs.


But it was Baekho‘s solo stage of “Feels” that has really left everyone speechless.


After teasing fans with his moves…


Baekho flipped the shirt back to reveal his perfectly sculpted body!


The sudden appearance of all those muscles left fans gasping for breath…


And his powerful dance moves just made things even harder for L.O.V.Es.


They’re not the only ones though!


His sexy dance moves…


Heartmelting voice…


And undeniable visuals…


Have deeply effected everyone!


Fans and non-fans alike can’t believe what an effect Baekho’s performance had on them.


But with such a sexy performance like that, it’s no wonder everyone’s feeling a little frazzled!


Make sure you check out this fancam of the jaw-dropping performance below but don’t forget to prepare your heart for the full world-stopping moment first!