NU’EST Briefly Met William And Bentley Hammington And Now We Need More Interactions ASAP

Everyone is in agreement after seeing the adorable clip:

William and Bentley Hammington had a quick meeting with their NU’EST uncles in the latest episode of The Return of Superman and now everyone is absolutely convinced we need more interactions between them ASAP!


During the recent episode of the show, Sam, William, and Bentley headed to an awards ceremony where they were going to be receiving an award too.


But Sam had a special mission for William and Bentley. He wanted them to give the winners a pretty flower and congratulate them.

That’s a flower basket. Everyone here will be receiving an award today so give this flower to them and congratulate them.

— Sam Hammington


So William and Bentley quickly got started on their flower mission…


Which led them directly to NU’EST!


After NU’EST greeted William and Bentley, William gave a flower to Aron while Minhyun sweetly asked if he could have one too!


Although the encounter was only about 18-seconds long, nobody could get over how sweet and cute the interaction was. Now we seriously need a longer uncle NU’EST moment!