NU’EST’s Hwang Minhyun Is Stunning With Red Hair

Everyone is in love with it.

Recently, NU’EST came back with their song “LOVE ME”, which topped the physical and digital sales charts. But what caught people’s eyes is Minhyun and his bright red hair.

minhyun red

minhyun red hair

After people saw how well the hair color worked on Minhyun, people started wondering how it would be if they had that same hair color. Looks like L.O.V.Es will be rocking red soon too!

minhyun red hair1

People can’t get over how handsome he looks in the music video!

And of course, Minhyun blessed us with his gorgeous selfies. All hail Hwang Minhyun.

minhyun selfie minhyun selfie2 minhyun selfie1

Source: Pann
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