NU’EST’s JR Went To See His Birthday Ads In The Most Adorable Way

He showed appreciation for his fans’ birthday ads in subway stations by doing this!

Korean fans set up advertisement spaces in subway stations or shopping malls with congratulatory messages for their favorite K-Pop stars’ birthdays. NU’EST fans did the same for JR who was born June 8th, 1995.


What JR did next, the fans did not expect though. JR uploaded a picture of himself holding up a flag that read “JR Tour Let’s Go” on his Instagram account, captioned “Thank you, yep.” 

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Fans remained curious about this post, until he was spotted in Seoul’s COEX Mall doing this.


Fans realized this is JR because he was with one of NU’EST’s fan managers.


JR dressed up as the Pokémon Squirtle, which is a character he is often compared to. He stood still in front of the LED message displayed at this large shopping center. He seemed to be overwhelmed by not only the size of this digital birthday card, but also the heartwarming message itself.

“Well done, JR. We’ll light the way. Let’s walk together.” — Fans


JR also appeared at the Gangnam-gu Office subway station where another birthday message was displayed.


Twitter blew up as pictures and videos of JR the Squirtle began trending. The lucky LOVEs who were able to see JR disguised as a Pokémon shared his most adorable moments. JR made time to take pictures with fans and thank them for the love and support.


After a rewarding day of exploring his birthday celebrations around the city, JR came out of the Squirtle suit and headed back. When fans sent him birthday wishes, JR thanked them and went on.


In a separate video, JR explained he does not plan on turning his Squirtle adventure into a video.

“I know a lot of you are curious if it was for some video, so I’d like to clarify. I just did it because I wanted to go see the messages myself. So no, there won’t be a video about this.” — JR


Fans still remain at awe. It was a magical day for both JR and his fans.

Happy birthday, JR!

Source: Dispatch