NU’EST’s Minhyun Is So Good-Looking Even Celebrities Can’t Help But Fall For His Visuals

A true visual king.

We all know just how attractive NU’EST’s Minhyun is and his charms aren’t just working on the fans but to other celebrities as well! From TV and music shows to drama sets, there isn’t a place where Minhyun’s visuals stand out.

Minhyun appeared on MBC‘s Radio Star and host Kim Gura, who’s known for criticizing more than complimenting, let Minhyun know how handsome he was.

“You are good-looking.”

“Hwang Minhyun’s face is the future.”

On KBS‘s Happy Together 4, his visuals couldn’t be looked over either.

“Minhyun is anything. He’s handsome.”

On tvN‘s DoReMi Market, the other members of the show couldn’t help but be knocked down by his visuals.

Even on his appearance on I live Alone, where they should be focusing on his daily life, couldn’t help but point out his attractiveness.

“You’re really handsome.”

“It must be nice to look in the mirror.”

On JTBC‘s Let’s Eat Dinner Together, where celebrities go to random people’s houses to eat with them, one lady couldn’t help but invite them in after seeing Minhyun’s face.

“I was so shocked I just automatically opened the door wide open…”

“…because he was so handsome.”

On King of Masked Singer, host Kim Sungjoo could also feel the power of Minhyun’s visuals.

“I think you are more handsome than Terrius.”

Most recently, fan photos of Minhyun filming on set for the new JTBC/Playlist drama Live On were released online, revealing his visuals once again.

And we can’t forget about Minhyun’s visuals for Lancome X Dazed Korea!

Minhyun entered Pledis Entertainment at 15 and after just two years, he debuted with NU’EST in 2012. He was a part of Wanna One from 2017-2019 and recently made a comeback with NU’EST with “I’m in Trouble.”