NU’EST’s Ren Just Held A Hi-Touch Event… Online, Here’s What Fans Thought

The fans lined up, just like a normal Hi-Touch event!

NU’EST’s Ren charmed his fans at a hi-touch event online after seeing the long line of people in his village.


The Hi-Touch event was held using the online game Town’s Tale and he greeted all of his fans who came to see him online.


His fans even prepared a small event for him, typing out lyrics to NU’EST’s song “Thank You”.


Ren showed off the swings and slides in his village to fans visiting for the first time.


Fans also captured Ren running to go fix one of his slides.


Here’s how netizens responded:

  • “I’m not his fan but I want to play this game with him, he’s so cute T.T”
  • “So cute!”
  • “His personality is so charming!”
  • “Why is he so cute…”
  • “I need to start playing that game again”

Source: THEQOO