How NU’EST’s Ren Responded When A Reporter Called Him A Girl

He’s confident in his own skin.

NU’EST‘s Ren has always been known for his exquisite beauty. His small face and slight build has made many point out how feminine he looks.

Rather than being offended or making excuses, he stands up for his androgynous looks.


When a reporter called him a girl following his appearance in China-based online mall VIP Shop, his response made netizens practically stand up and clap.


He affirmed that it doesn’t matter if he dresses in a feminine manner, such as the skirt he sports in the advertisements, as he is assured of his masculinity. Fashion, he says, is a tool to enhance the person.

Am I a boy or girl? I’m a man. Fashion makes a person and its impression.

– Ren


Ren has always been confident in his fashion and self, owning the stage multiple times such as when he cross-dressed in “Boys Day”.


He’s certainly confident in his own skin!



Source: Twitter