NU’EST’s Ren Responds To A Hater Through Instagram Story And Gives A Piece Of His Mind

The hate needs to stop.

Group NU’EST, who made a comeback with their eighth mini album The Nocturne on May 11, were excited to meet fans as it was their first comeback in seven months.

Not long after the release of their album, member Ren received a hate message on Instagram and shared it on his Instagram Story. The hate comment revealed their annoyance of Ren’s actions and asked him to “please think before you speak.”

Read the full message below.

In regards to the hate comment, Ren just had one thing to say: “Do well yourself.” Ren’s simple yet bold answer showed that he wasn’t phased by the hate comment.

Fans who saw the post couldn’t believe someone would send something like that and felt that the writer of that message needed some serious help.

Fans hope that Ren doesn’t get hurt by this message and will continue to promote their new album with a positive mind knowing that his fans are by his side.

Watch the official music video for “I’m In Trouble” below!

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