Someone Made A BLACKVELVET “Ocean’s 8” Trailer And We’ve Never Wanted To See A Movie More

We need this movie ASAP!

We all know that BLACKPINK and Red Velvet have one of the best friendships in K-Pop and we love them for it! Fans are always looking out for some of their sweet moments together, but lately, all BLACKVELVET fans have been blessed with all sorts of content including one trailer for the movie of the century!


One netizen cleverly brought together two of our favorite things, BLACKVELVET and the heist comedy “Ocean’s 8”.


The combination of the two is beyond amazing and will seriously make you want to rush out and watch this movie stat!


Each of the girls is cast in different roles from the original “Ocean’s 8” movie and each role fits the girls so well! First, there’s Irene who plays the role of Debbie Ocean the professional thief. We all know she’s stolen our hearts so this role would be great for her.


Then there’s Jennie who is Irene’s fabulous partner in crime. Fabulous indeed!


Joy and Seulgi will steal your heart respectively as the actress and jewelry maker.


While Wendy totally takes on the suburban mom and profiteer role with grace!


And as the roles keep coming out they just keep getting better and better. From Yeri playing the part of the street hustler…


To Lisa‘s computer hacking skills and Rosé‘s fashion expertise!


The little attention to detail and the hilariously accurate representations are guaranteed to make your day!


And the more you watch this fan-made trailer the more you’ll wish that this movie was real. We know we do!


Unsurprisingly, this trailer is going viral and netizens are absolutely loving it!


If you aren’t already convinced that this trailer is honestly the greatest thing ever and that this movie needs to happen, check out the official trailer and the special Jisoo cameo version below! We guarantee you’ll be wanting this movie ASAP after seeing the whole thing!

Source: @jisoosthumbss