This Odd Looking Product Is Going Viral In Korea

Ever fear that your hands will freeze off when you text outside in a 30°F environment?

Or that your phone battery will die because of the cold?

Well, fear no more — Tahka protects your hands and your phone from the weather.

True, at $49, it’s not the prettiest or the cheapest pair of gloves out there.

Unfortunately, Tahka’s kickstarter campaign failed and the gloves never made it to the market, but they are gaining attention in Korea now.

Netizens expressed mixed feeling about it, with some calling it an innovation and others pointing out potential hazards like slipping on ice while wearing it.

Though Tahka would have been something of an upgrade from what’s known in Korea as the Smartphone Gloves, it’s questionable whether it’s an improvement in either function or style.

Source: Insight