You Can Now Go To Official BTS-Themed Cafes

BTS fans will soon be able to hang out at Japan’s BT21 cafes.

BTS‘s BT21 franchise will soon be opening limited-time character cafes in Japan.

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BT21 are part of LINE FRIENDS, a series of featured characters based on sticker designs from the Line messaging app. Each BT21 character is based on a BTS member.


Tata is a curious, shapeshifting alien with a heart-shaped face and a blue, polka-dotted body. He was created by V.


Chimmy was created by Jimin. This happy-go-lucky puppy wears a yellow hoodie and has a stuck out tongue.


Koya is a sleepy, blue koala created by RM.


Like J-Hope, Mang absolutely loves to dance. He has a horse-faced mask with a heart-shaped nose.


RJ loves food almost as much as Jin does. This character is a white alpaca who wears either a red scarf or a grey parka, depending on the weather.


Shooky is a naughty chocolate cookie who dislikes milk. He was created by Suga.


Cooky, is a pink, tough bunny who loves his body and wants to be strong.


BT21’s final character, Van, is Tata’s giant space robot. RM created him to be BT21’s protector. Van represents A.R.M.Y.


BT21’s popup cafes will open in late July and close in early September. Two of the cafes will located in Tokyo (Omotesando and Shinjuku) and the third will be located in Osaka.

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All three cafes will serve goodies from a special, BT21 inspired menu and sell exclusive BT21 merchandise.

BTS checks out BT21 merchandise at the LINE FRIENDS store.


So far, the menu includes the “TATA Burger”…








Guests can also order delicious desserts like the “COOKY PROTEIN PAN CAKE”…








Guests that order beverages will receive an original coaster with their drink.


These drinks include RJ (coconut milk), Chimmy (mango soda), Cooky (strawberry milk), Tata (berry soda), Koya (blue curaçao calpis soda), Shooky (milk tea with chocolate cookie), and Mang (butterfly pea).


This unusual, monochromatic Van (black sesame smoothie) is sure to be a top seller!


In addition to food and drinks, each cafe will be selling adorable BT21 merchandise, including purses, decorative masking tape, post cards, and bandanas.


File sets, neck straps, face towels, plastic fans, and mirrors can also be purchased.


To make a reservation at the cafes, visitors must enter a draw.

The pre-lotteries for Tokyo are running from June 20 to June 25. The Osaka pre-lottery can be entered from June 29 to July 3. Anyone who enters will receive an original sticker, chosen at random.


Additional information can be found on the cafes’ official BT21 website.