Official updates on BIGBANG’s “MADE The Full Album”

On December 6th, YG personnel revealed updates about BIGBANG’s come back set to happen on the 12th.According to OSEN a YG personnel revealed on the 6th that, “FXXK IT is only one of Bigbang’s title songs, they are planning to release this album with double titles and two MVs are already ready. It’s been one year since their last release so you can bet it’s going to be amazing.”

The image teaser for “FXXK IT” has already bee released earlier today.

“FXXK IT’ was produced by GD, Teddy and R.Tee (a rookie producer from Teddy’s Black Label).

G-Dragon has also posted pictures of himself with Pharrell yet again, possibly hinting at an upcoming collaboration.


G-DRAGON(@xxxibgdrgn)님이 게시한 사진님,


G-DRAGON(@xxxibgdrgn)님이 게시한 동영상님,

While we patiently wait for BIGBANG’s full album, show your support for them on this live poll!

Source: OSEN