‘Under 19’ Hopes BTS’s J-Hope and EXO’s Kai Will Save The Show From Low Ratings

J-Hope and Kai to the rescue!

MBC’s idol audition program, ‘Under 19’, is hoping the popularities of BTS and EXO will help to boost the show’s low rating.

‘Under 19’ has been suffering from low ratings since it premiered on November 3, 2018. The show couldn’t find its holding against the competition, KBS ‘Immortal Song 3: Sing the Legend’ and SBS ‘The Fan’. Despite the involvement of skilled artist like Dynamic Duo, Crush, EXID’s Solji and Super Junior’s Eunhyuk as directors of the Idol hopefuls, the show failed to reach the audience with less than 1% ratings.

In the last attempt to revive the show, ‘Under 19’ invited BTS’s J-Hope and EXO’s Kai as surprise guests to meet up with the members and share their knowledge as top idols of the country.


J-Hope was the first to appear on January 5, which created buzz around the show even before it aired. J-Hope surprised ‘FAKE LOVE’ team as a guest director and shared sincere advice as a senior idol.

And more attention followed the show as it was announced EXO’s Kai will be appearing as a surprise guest as well. Fans began to share the excitement to see him on the show and promised to tune in to see the interactions.

‘Under 19’ succeed in drawing more interest to the show with J-Hope and Kai, but it will be interesting to see if the ratings will reflect the interest to save the show.



Source: Asia News Agency
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