Arin’s Visuals Reach New Heights Ahead of OH MY GIRL’s Upcoming Comeback

She’s grown up so much.

OH MY GIRL recently performed at the youth festival, Potenite where each member showed off their unique charms through some of the group’s hit songs.

Among all of the gorgeous members, Arin drew particular attention with her upgraded visuals.

The way her pale skin glowed underneath her dark brown hair made her look like a lead character from a fairy tale.

While her visuals gave off an innocent vibe, the look in her eyes was the definition of power and charisma.

Arin has always been gorgeous with adorably cute charms, but many fans agree that her beauty has fully blossomed and matured ahead of OH MY GIRL’s upcoming comeback on August 5.

Check out some more photos of Arin’s new look below:

Source: Insight