OH MY GIRL Arin’s Younger Brother Is A Total BAE

OH MY GIRL Arin‘s younger brother isn’t an idol, but he’s gaining popularity for his good looks and fashion sense.


Choi Seokjun, who is turning 18 this year, is 180cm tall and looks very similar to this sister.

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Netizens are loving his big eyes and handsome face and are praising his keen eye for fashion, saying he could easily be a model.


He recently came into the spotlight when he posted pictures with Arin at her high school graduation ceremony.

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He also regularly posts videos and photos while hanging out with his famous sister.

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Seokjun always encourages Arin with her singing and acting, despite not having any plans to enter the industry himself anytime soon.


Arin, in turn, is protective of her little brother, having once even sent a surprise text to Seokjun’s girlfriend from his account saying “I hope you’re in a good relationship with my Junnie.”

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