Here’s The Weight OH MY GIRL Were Forced To Maintain By WM Entertainment, According To Hyojung and Binnie

Many count it as “extremely underweight!”

Netizens worldwide never have enough praise for K-Pop and the idols that have brought sunshine and joy into people’s lives. Yet, more and more idols have been giving fans insight into the industry’s true and sometimes shocking conditions.

In particular, many idols have shared the hardships faced as trainees and specifically the idea of maintaining a certain weight throughout their training.

TWICE’s Momo and Dahyun have shared the strict expectations JYP has for weight | @JYPETWICE/ Twitter

It is a known fact that K-Pop companies will have strict expectations for trainees and have methods to stop their rookie idols from gaining what they deem is “too much” weight. Recently, two female idols shared their own experiences on the topic, and they were OH MY GIRL members Hyojoung and Binnie.

The two idols host a regular YouTube series where they invite fellow musicians to chat about their careers. Recently, it was rookie girl group Billlie members Moon Sua and Suhyeon.

During the video, the idols sat down, and while the OH MY GIRL members made some delicious food, Suhyeon explained, “It’s been so long…” and it was revealed that the two Billlie members had been on a diet during their comeback. As expected, both Hyojoung and Binnie sympathized with the two rookies.

Later in the video, Binnie shared that their own company, WM Entertainment, made them go on harsh diets. She even added that they weren’t even allowed to go to the convenience store.

Hyojoung then shocked fans as she revealed the weight that the company expected them to maintain. She explained, “We weren’t allowed to surpass 99-101 lbs (44.9-45.8kg).”

If you surpass 99-101 lbs, they said, ‘You have to lose weight.’

Yet, Moon Sua and Suhyeon were even more shocked when Binnie added that her expected weight was even lower at was 92 lb (41.7kg) and Hyojoung’s personal target was 97 lb (44kg). No matter the number, it was still very low for anyone to be classed as “healthy.”

In particular, Binnie is 1.61 m, and according to health experts, the recommended weight for someone that height should be around 60kg.

Binnie then joked that nobody stayed within that weight during their trainee days.

Yet, although they made the light heart of it, it is a topic that has gained a lot of attention in K-Pop and has removed a “rose-tinted” view many fans had of the industry.

KARD‘s BM shared in a podcast that, despite his height, they still expected him to be a certain weight, one that would not have been healthy. He explained that he did because of the embarrassment caused when they were made to weigh themselves in front of others. It got to the point where those around him worried.

Every time, they would keep telling me to cut weight, to cut weight. One time, I cut like 10kg to 74kg, and everyone was like, ‘You do not look healthy right now.’


| DIVE Studios/ YouTube

As expected, it is still a huge topic within K-Pop as stories have been released from idols about the harsh methods trainees would use to lose weight and the expectations companies would have.

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: DUM DUM Studio