Oh My Girl’s Jiho Makes Unexpected Mistake on Recent M Countdown Performance

It was supposed to be Arin’s moment to shine.

Oh My Girl recently performed their hit song, “The Fifth Season” on M Countdown where Jiho made an unexpected mistake toward the ending of the song.

During the performance, Oh My Girl looked stunning in their coordinated green outfits that made them all look like Tinker Bell.

On top of that, each member put on amazing performances enhanced by great facial acting and flawless choreography.

Toward the ending of the song, the camera zoomed in on Arin‘s face for her moment to shine, and she looked absolutely radiant.

But that’s when Jiho walked into the frame by accident and blocked Arin’s face.

She quickly realized her mistake and got out of the frame, but Arin couldn’t help but burst into laughter for her final “ending fairy” shot.

On this day, NU’EST took the first place prize, but it was actually Oh My Girl who won. Following this mistake, M Countdown formally apologized and corrected their mistake.

Watch Oh My Girl’s full performance below:



Source: Dispatch