OH MY GIRL’s Jiho Is Dubbed “Disinfection Girl” By Netizens

“Everyone should learn from her. Jiho is setting such a good example.”

Jiho from OH MY GIRL has been making quite a splash online with her COVID-19 safety measures. The singer has been extremely cautious since the beginning of the pandemic and especially so when it resurged. She has been seen wearing triple protection at all times including gloves, a face mask, a face shield, and disinfectant.

She even stays safe when taking photos!

| @candyz_hyojeong/Twitter
| @kingjihoed/Twitter

She carries a big bottle of disinfectant with her everywhere she goes and sprays herself when entering buildings.

People have been praising her measures and wished others would be like her. They have dubbed her “disinfection girl” for her great feats in attempting to squash the virus. Korean netizens commented things like: “K-Pop idols are role models for a lot of young kids, so they need to be more like Jiho and set good examples.”, “It’s good to see a celebrity being so careful and safe.”, and “If Kim Jiho gets COVID, we’re all screwed.” Even international fans on Twitter were commenting about her efforts.

Keep on promoting safety, Jiho!

Source: @jihoa_f