This Female Idol Looks Completely Different Since Leaving Her Group Over A Year Ago

It’s been over a year since she left the group.

JinE originally debuted as a member of Oh My Girl back in 2015.


But she had to leave the group in November 2017 after struggling with anorexia.


JinE was best known for her petite figure and adorable facial features to match! She was known as a little fairy among the fans.


Nearly 1 and a half years since she left the group, fans discovered JinE’s recent photos online.


JinE looked much healthier and happier as she showed off what goes on in her daily life now that she’s left the industry.


What’s surprised fans the most was that JinE changed her overall vibe from cute fairy to a graceful goddess!


Her outfits and makeup style were toned down as she portrayed a softer look.


But that didn’t mean her signature cute personality disappeared!


JinE now boasts a brand new style of cuteness, where she looks more mature and calmer than the image she had as an idol.


No one can deny that although she may have changed her vibe since leaving Oh My Girl, she’s still as beautiful as ever!


Best wishes to JinE on her continued happiness and health!

Source: Nate Pann