This Female Idol Looks Completely Different Since Leaving Her Group Over A Year Ago

It’s been over a year since she left the group.

JinE originally debuted as a member of Oh My Girl back in 2015.

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But she had to leave the group in November 2017 after struggling with anorexia.

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JinE was best known for her petite figure and adorable facial features to match! She was known as a little fairy among the fans.

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Nearly 1 and a half years since she left the group, fans discovered JinE’s recent photos online.

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JinE looked much healthier and happier as she showed off what goes on in her daily life now that she’s left the industry.

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What’s surprised fans the most was that JinE changed her overall vibe from cute fairy to a graceful goddess!

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Her outfits and makeup style were toned down as she portrayed a softer look.

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But that didn’t mean her signature cute personality disappeared!

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JinE now boasts a brand new style of cuteness, where she looks more mature and calmer than the image she had as an idol.

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No one can deny that although she may have changed her vibe since leaving Oh My Girl, she’s still as beautiful as ever!

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Best wishes to JinE on her continued happiness and health!

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Source: Nate Pann
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