Oh My Girl’s Mimi Gains Positive Attention for Getting Rid of Her Bangs

Fans think she looks 100 times better without bangs.

Oh My Girl‘s Mimi had been known for her front bangs for quite some time, but with the recent disappearance of them, fans can’t get over how much prettier she looks with her forehead exposed.

In contrast to her look with bangs that fans were so used to seeing, Mimi recently appeared on stage without them, and she simply looked badass.

It’s clear that the bangs were only holding her back from her full potential because she elicited both sexy and charismatic vibes that were not so evident before.

Sure, Mimi looked cute with bangs…

But her visuals definitely upgraded with her full face exposed.

Fans who saw Mimi’s new hairstyle are responding with comments such as “Who knew she could transform so much just by getting rid of her bangs?” and “I doubt I could look like that just by getting rid of my bangs“.

Check out some more photos of Mimi’s upgraded look below:

Source: Insight