OH MY GIRL’s Mimi Was Heartbroken By MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul After Finishing Second To Her Again

She had to relive her defeat.

The winners of round 2 of the Second World, a reality survival program created by JTBC, were just announced. The series focuses on the rappers of idol girl groups proving that they can sing through unique vocal performances.

Title card for Second World | JTBC Entertainment/YouTube

Round 2 paired contestants to form 4 teams, which then battled against each other. Before the winners were declared, the judges, or face readers, told the contestants which pairs were matched against each other. MAMAMOO‘s Moonbyul and WJSN‘s Exy were against OH MY GIRL‘s Mimi and CLASS:y‘s Seonyou.

CLASS:y’s Seonyou and OH MY GIRL’s Mimi against MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul and WJSN’s Exy | KCON VOYAGE/YouTube

The teams introduced themselves to the judges. Mimi and Seonyou went first. They called themselves “Meow,” combining “Mi” from Mimi’s name and “You” from Seonyou’s name. Incidentally, both of them loved cats as well!

Moonbyul and Exy went next, introducing themselves as “SQS,” which took the 2 letters “S” from “Chu So Jung,” Exy’s real name, and “Star,” which is the English translation of “Byul” from Moonbyul’s name. The letter “Q” came from their groups getting first place in seasons 1 and 2 of Queendom, a girl group competition series by Mnet.

At the mention of Queendom, Mimi jokingly became emotional and had to turn her back. She was comforted by Seonyou and Moonbyul. The judges didn’t realize that the name “SQS” had reopened Mimi’s old wounds since her group OH MY GIRL finished second behind MAMAMOO in Queendom season 1!

On top of that, Exy had said that she wanted to partner up with Mimi at the end of round 1, but she decided to partner with Moonbyul instead!

Exy then explained that in the end, she had to do what was best for her to survive. Since Moonbyul finished in first place in round 1, she stood a better chance of getting a higher score by partnering with her. Mimi was heartbroken after finishing second to Moonbyul again!

Paul Kim, the show’s host, smoothed everything over by saying that strategy is essential to survive on a program like Second World. OH MY GIRL fans will be happy to see Mimi joking around with Moonbyul and finally taking the competition as a challenge to overcome her!

Watch the full video from Second World below.