OH MY GIRL’s MiMi Fell On Stage, What Happened Next Proved Just How Professional She Really Is

She handled this like a pro.

During live performances, the unexpected can happen and idols like OH MY GIRL‘s MiMi have only a split second to figure out how to handle it.


On September 18, OH MY GIRL performed a killer live stage of “Remember Me” on the music program Show Champion. Unfortunately, not everything went as planned.


When MiMi strutted up the stage for her solo, she tripped and fell flat. That moment had the potential to halt the whole performance, but MiMi wasn’t about to let that happen!


As soon as she looked up, she was camera-ready.


This rapper got to her feet without missing a beat or a lyric…


…and continued on as if the fall was just part of the show!


A fall like that must have hurt, but you’d never guess it just by looking at MiMi. She carried on like a true professional, and slayed the stage!


Concerned fans have complimented MiMi on her expert recovery skills, but also hope that MiMi hasn’t sustained any serious injuries.


This isn’t the first time MiMi has made a smooth recovery. During a race at ISAC, she wiped out hard at the finish line but, in spite of the pain, she was still smiling!


With the help of her members, she was back on her feet and cheering in no time at all.


To see OH MY GIRL’s whole performance of “Remember Me”, check out the clip here.