A Fan Was Called out for Trying to Hold a Giveaway Event with Oh My Girl Seunghee’s Teeth Mold

The fan somehow managed to get their hands on Seunghee’s teeth mold by using their connections with an employee at the dental clinic.

Just a few days ago, a Twitter user criticized a fan of Oh My Girl‘s Seunghee for holding a giveaway event with her teeth mold, which they obtained through an employee of the dental clinic.

The netizen started off by explaining, “I saw someone holding an event with an item from Oh My Girl Seunghee’s dental treatment.

They also attached a related photo which showed what appeared to be a teeth mold that had the name “Hyun Seunghee” written on the handle.

The netizen went on to share, “This person got a lot of criticism for trying to give this away, so they said they would dispose of it. Many of the comments threatened to report them.

In response, fellow netizens expressed their shock and made comments such as “I hope they get punished… What were they thinking…?” and “That’s crazy. They must be out of their minds.

According to the netizen, the fan with the teeth mold found out that it was illegal to sell it for profit, so they decided to hold a giveaway event instead.

Regardless, the netizen criticized them for trying to hold an event with Seunghee’s personal item and expressed that the dental clinic employee should be punished as well for giving them the teeth mold in the first place.

Source: Dispatch