Oh My Girl’s YooA Opens Up About Her Different Personas And More

YooA goes by four different names!

Oh My Girl’s YooA recently did a pictorial for Esquire magazine as well as a short interview afterward.

When asked about Running Girls, a reality show she shares with SunmiEXID’s Hani, Chungha, and LOONA’s Chuu, she said they all keep in close contact.

We all became close friends and still contact each other often. We talk about ordinary things, but recently Chungha and Sunmi made comebacks. They shared their songs with us and asked for our opinions. I also ask them questions about things I’m curious about at work. We’re all cheering each other on.



She was then asked if she ever thought about becoming a producer. She said that she’s more of an artist that likes to express something than a “producing genius.” She knows what suits her and loves to throw suggestions out to see what sticks.


Of course, YooA was also questioned about Oh My Girl’s “Nonstop” and “Dolphin,” which received great success in the last year.

Even when no one knew who Oh My Girl was, I knew that my members were people who would succeed. We were a group that knew ourselves and each member was the type to self-reflect and grow. I think now more people are recognizing that. Even if you know that you’re a good person, if noone around you recognizes that, then you doubt yourself. We’ve all experienced those, but our fans helped us get through it.



The interviewer asked her about her multiple names as it feels like YooA goes around with many different personas. YooA asked the Running Girls cast to call her “Si Ah” but also said that her real name was “Yoo Yeon Ju.” She also is called “Sha Sha” as a nickname for “Si Ah.”

When I started to promote, my parents went to a naming specialist and were told that Yeon Ju didn’t feel right. The name that resulted from that session was ‘Yoo Si Ah,’ which then got shortened to ‘YooA’ for promotions. A lot of people call me different things, but I like it. I feel like I have a lot of different personas within me, including ones that I don’t know. There’s a side of me when I’m happy, when I’m sad, when I’m eating good food. I am this kind of person as Si Ah, that kind of person as YooA, and I was this kind of person when I was Yeon Ju.


She shared that she thinks it’s fun that she can be many different people and that i makes her more creative. YooA finished by commenting, “Even to people who know me well, I can seem a bit unusual.”

Source: Esquire Korea


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