OH MY GIRL YooA’s Head Is So Small That Hats Won’t Even Fit Her

Having a small face isn’t all the glitz and glamour that everyone thinks it is.

OH MY GIRL‘s YooA admitted in a video with fellow member Seunghee that her head is so small she can only find one hat that fits her.


Seunghee explained that there’s only one hat that YooA’s head is big enough to fill and that’s why whenever they practice she wears the same one.

“This hat is really the only one that fits. I’ve only ever seen this hat since we were trainees.” — Seunghee


YooA tried to buy more hats but none of them fit well on her!

“YooA bought a lot of hats. She bought some on the internet and on the street but only one fits.” — Seunghee


They were too big for her tiny face.

“They all fall down or come off her head if she buys them off the shelf.” — Seunghee 


So she ended up sticking to her one and only hat for years.

“So this hat is really the only hat I can wear.”  — YooA


Fans are amazed at how small her head is, something all Koreans want to have!

The girls compared YooA’s face to a plastic container lid.


Past footages of YooA wearing a hat proved that she really has a face that’s too small to fit into the average hat!


Fans were so impressed with her small face and encouraged her to be confident about her looks.

  • “How small is your face?”
  • “You’re 160cm tall so your small face is in perfect proportion to your body”


The Korean beauty standards say that the ideal beauty consists of having a small face and head, yet large eyes.

A lot of Koreans do the “kimchi” sign or have their hands under their chins to create a slimmer jawline.


And YooA perfectly fits that description!