Oh My Girl YooA Melted Hearts With This Cute Cover of A Disney Song

The only thing as cute as Oh My Girl YooA‘s looks is her adorable rendition of this Disney song.

Oh My Girl’s YooA has been widely praised for her natural pronunciation and her ability to speak English. She often leaves fans in awe at her English song covers.

During a recent appearance on the Taiwanese music show Idols of Asia, YooA was asked to perform a song in English and she happily gave her rendition of the Disney song “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid.  


From her performance on the show, it is clear she is working on her English skills as she made singing in a second language look effortless. The performance is entirely acapella so all attention was on her vocals.

The cover blew fans away with how confidently and naturally her English often sounds.

YooA has explained that English was her favorite subject during school so it may come as no surprise her English is so strong. She gets a lot of practice by covering so many English songs.