Oh My Girl YooA’s cover of Taylor Swift’s “22” leaves fans in awe

Recently on a live broadcast, Oh My Girl‘s YooA gave the fans a small treat by singing to Taylor Swift‘s hit song “22”.

Fans were very impressed by her pronunciation and how it natural she sounded. Even fellow member Hyojung joined in for a bit and commented on how good YooA’s accent sounded as she sang the song.

Oh My Girl had a very successful year in 2016, having promoted their songs “Liar Liar”, “Windy Day”, and “Listen to My Word (A-ing)”. In addition to promoting with Oh My Girl this past year, YooA also joined forces with GFRIEND‘s Eunha, Cosmic GirlsCheng XiaoGugudan‘s Nayoung, and Momoland‘s Nancy for the project group Sunny Girls. Fans hope 2017 has a lot more in store for Oh My Girl.

Check out clips from YooA’s short performance of Taylor Swift’s “22,” featuring fellow member Hyojung below: