Oh My Girl’s Hyojung Lost 6kg In 3 Months Because Of This Harsh Comment

It happened when she was a trainee.

On March 26, Oh My Girl‘s Hyojung guested on Happy Together 4, where she revealed she went on a strict diet as a trainee.

According to Hyojung, the reason why she went on a diet was because she was told she looks like an ahjumma (literally “aunt”), even though she was only 20 years old at the time.

I heard harsh words when I was a trainee. I was only 20 years old when I was told, ‘Hyojung, I think you need to diet’.

– Hyojung

She was shocked when she heard that and wasted no time in losing weight. In just 3 months, she was able to reach her target weight.

I worked hard on my diet and fitness for 3 months, so I lost 6 kg and came to make my debut.

– Hyojung

When asked about her daily fitness routine, she revealed that she enjoys doing Pilates, among other exercises.

I do Pilates four times a week in the morning. If I don’t do Pilates, I go biking or I go to the gym to lift weights.

– Hyojung

No matter what Hyojung’s weight is, she will always be stunning!

Source: Nate