Oh My Girl’s Perfect Choreography Positions Will Leave You Oddly Satisfied

Better than ASMR.

It’s no secret that Oh My Girl is a talented girl group with well-rounded members. Known as the “idol group of idols”, they have consistently proven their talents. They always have perfect choreography positions no matter what shape they’re trying to make, putting them on top in terms of teamwork and dance abilities!

Liar Liar

This song was noted to have fast movements and group position changes that the members handle smoothly.

Windy Day

Netizens commented that “Windy Day” is a song where you think to yourself, “How did that member get from here to there so well?”


“Closer” has the most well designed positions that perfectly show how well the members move with each other.


Love O’clock

Finally, “Love O’clock” stayed true to the title by having a clock-moving motion using the girl’s positions.

No matter what choreography the Oh My Girl does, they slay each time!

Source: Pann