OH MY GIRL’s YooA Dishes On How She Plans To Become The Person She Dreams To Be

“I want to be a person who is…”

OH MY GIRL‘s YooA recently participated in a pictorial with 1st Look Korea and talked about her desired future in her accompanying interview.

Although it seems as though YooA is a perfect person already, she discussed how there’s always room to grow. In her interview, YooA opened up on the type of person she hopes to become in the future.

YooA revealed that she hopes she can become someone responsible who takes accountability for her actions. In return, YooA shared that she believes this change will help her do well on stage.

I want to be a person who is proud of herself. A person who can take responsibility for all of my actions and is not ashamed of them. I think that’s the most important value. If I control myself like that, as a result, I can give good energy and influence throughout my performances.

— YooA

YooA continued and conveyed how doing the things she loves while not pressuring herself too much will ultimately help her become a stronger and more confident person.

I thought about what kind of happiness I wanted but It’s really nothing special. I think that It’s okay if I can work hard while having fun with the people that I love. Even if things don’t go well, if I don’t blame myself too hard and get through it well, I’ll be a stronger person and my self-esteem will rise gradually. It will be nice.

— YooA

Source: Newsen