OH MY GIRL Arin’s Recent Photos Show Dramatic Weight Loss

She looks nearly unrecognizable without her baby fat.

Fans first noticed Arin‘s dramatic weight loss during an episode of OH MY GIRL MIRACLE EXPEDITION.

She was interviewed by her members and viewers noticed that her collarbones were clear as day!

A closer look showed her chest looking skeletal as if there was absolutely no fat.

A fancam of Arin’s latest performances proved the same thing… She’s gotten much skinner over the past couple of months!

Before, Arin was the symbol of adorable baby fat as she had the cutest chubby cheeks.

She looked healthy with soft curves that emphasized her beauty.

It just made you want to cuddle her like a baby teddy bear!

But now, Arin has bid her plumpness farewell…

Her latest performance videos made fans concern for her wellbeing.

They noted that her waist was incredibly thin!

No more chubby cheeks…

She’s definitely given her look a drastic change!

Fans only hope that Arin is taking care of her health and happiness.

Source: Nate Pann