Oh My Girl left a hidden message in “Closer” that can only be seen by looking down

Oh My Girl clearly has fans shook with their incredible mastery of dance formations that integrate hidden messages.

After releasing the top view version of “Closer,” many were shocked to see the zodiac signs effortlessly formed in Oh My Girl’s choreography. Fans on Twitter captured the perfect moments that show just how in sync the group really is.

As if they couldn’t get enough after watching the cosmic choreography, netizens praised many of the girls’ live stages. Oh My Girl brought a beautiful set, costuming, and talent to their “Closer” comeback stage. All elements together told a clear story and drew viewers into the world Oh My Girl created while performing.

With eight members it’s hard to have everyone gliding through complex choreography as a whole, but Oh My Girl makes it look easy. Even during live performances, their transitions remain clean and smooth.

It has been confirmed that Oh My Girl will collaborate on a song with Quan Entertainment for a holiday album. The teaser for “White” featuring Yooa, Jiho, Arin, and Hyojung was released on November 25th, with the full album dropping four days after that.