Oh My Girl member screams at fans for trying to film up her skirt

Oh My Girl‘s Mimi is gaining attention for her sharp-edged personality towards fans who tried to shoot upskirt photos of her and her members.

Oh My Girl finished their performance at the “Together Day Festival” and were exiting the venue after finishing their performance.

While they were exiting, fans were waiting with cameras below the entrance filming the members when Mimi glared at some fans and told them to stop shooting from below.

“Do not film from below!” — Oh My Girl’s Mimi

Oh My Girl’s Arin was also next to Mimi when she said that and found it hilarious that Mimi reacted immediately and sharply scolded fans.

Mimi also found her immediate reaction hilarious and both of them laughed away the minor happening and went to their car before saying their final goodbyes to their fans.

See the full fancam of the happening below: