Oh My Girl YooA is one of the most beautiful girls in K-Pop – But most fans don’t know it

There are online blogs that focus on the best looking members in the group, but this discussion by the netizens proved that there is one Oh My Girl’s member that has been overlooked. 

A netizen on Pann created a discussion asking fans why member YooA seemed unpopular in the eyes of their fans, specifically to the male population. The post continued with photos of the singer showcasing her different looks as she continues promoting with her group.

Netizens, however, honestly pitched their thoughts on the post and revealed that the singer has unique looks, but not as pretty compared to the conventional looks that male fans go for. While others expressed their distaste, some netizens questioned that how can someone who looks like a doll, be not continued pretty in real life.

YooA made her debut with Oh My Girl with a self-titled debut album last year.






yooa 2

yooa 3

yooa 43


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Source: Pann