Oh My Girl’s YooA wows with explosive catlike performance on “Hit The Stage”

On the third episode of Mnet‘s idol dance show Hit the StageOh My Girl’s YooA performed as an adorable yet seductive feline. 

In an episode titled as a “surprising transformation,” YooA appears to be a house pet left alone with Block B’s U-Kwon acting as her canine counterpart. The two started off the performance playfully teasing each other and halfway through the routine, the song changes to a more bass heavy, hip hop style.

YooA adapted well and transformed into a sultry cat. She performed with cat-like agility and a fierceness that is not commonly seen in girl group dances. She was able to portray the cuteness and athletic ability of cats, executing graceful leaps and flips.

The whole concept of the transformation was interpreting the relationship between a cat and dog through their dance moves, matching their mood to their storyline.

Check out the full performance below!