(★TRENDING) Old Footage Of Day6’s Jae In A Singing Competition In LA Resurfaces

Day6’s Jae auditioned for a competition in LA in 2010 and finally debuted in 2015.

Footage of Day6‘s Jae competing at a singing competition at Koreaboo’s launch event in 2010 has surfaced, shocking fans.


Jae sang SHINee‘s “Replay” as part of Koreaboo’s launch event in 2010. The event, titled SMTOWN 2010 MEETUP was held at the same time as SMTOWN 2010. Jae ended up winning the first round with his cover performance!

The audience began clapping along and screamed when he nailed the chorus!


Unfortunately, Jae revealed that he didn’t make it past the second round of the competition, in a YouTube comment.


From performing at events by Koreaboo to being written on Koreaboo, Jae really has hustled hard over the past 7 years!!