A Really Old Letter From Jin’s Brother Has Resurfaced And It’s Just The Cutest Thing

Jin’s older brother was looking out for him.

All the way back in 2007, Jin of BTS attended a camp in Australia which had the goal of improving the English of its attendees. A letter his older brother sent him while he was in Australia has recently resurfaced and ARMY is delighted by how cute it is.

Jin’s brother refers to himself as ‘Genuis Hyung’ in the letter, he has as much amazing self-confidence as Jin does now.

ARMY are praising “Genius Hyung” for giving Jin exactly the right advice an older brother should give his younger brother.

I see you have kept your calm among kids who are even older than me. I was kinda jealous at first because I didn’t like that you went to place alone that I’ve never been but I laughed when you told me all your friends left you while you were looking up words in your phone dictionary.

Here it is so hot. I sweat even when the air conditioner is on. Our parents are well, it’s only me that feels like dying. I study hard since because I have the title of high school second grade which I didn’t ask for.

My biggest worry is that you’ll get beaten up. Don’t ever get beaten up, show them the power of the Koreans. I don’t expect too much of you studying lol. Don’t get beaten up, grow your strength and return to Korea because your cool brother’s fists are waiting for you.

p.s: Don’t ever tell Mom you got this mail. I’m gonna get in so much trouble if Mom finds out that I was on a computer.

Sage advice from Jin’s older brother. We are sure that Jin took it to heart, here are some more pictures of a young Jin in Australia.