This Old Man Wore The Same T-Shirt For 20 Years… The Reason Why Will Break Your Heart

Twitter user and cosplay enthusiast @922_riaru always thought it was strange that her dad would wear the same polo shirt all the time…

Despite the shirt being over 20 years old, 922_riaru’s father would always wear the same green polo shirt for vacations or business trips, and when the shirt got holes in it, he took the time to repair them.

“I wondered why he kept on wearing that old polo shirt…whenever the shirt gets a hole in it, he carefully sews it back together.”


One day, while looking through her grandfather’s belongings, she found an album from her parents’ honeymoon and, in it, she saw photos of her dad wearing the same green polo shirt.

Also in the photos was her mother who had passed away from cancer. She was wearing the same shirt in a matching color.

This discovery has opened 922_riaru’s eyes and has made her realize that she has to cherish her memories as well.

“…I think that I have to look after memories too. I will never throw away anything important of my parents or grandparents.”