Old People Are Getting Swole Listening To TWICE

Six people in this video prove that TWICE‘s “TT” can even be a workout song for the elderly community and it’s absolutely hilarious.

TWICE’s “TT” was without a doubt, a huge hit for the top JYP Entertainment idol group. However, it seems that “TT” has even reached the elderly community in the most unexpected yet incredibly adorable way.

A video was recently posted online of six elderly individuals working out and dancing as they listened to the popular song, and they even managed to nail the “TT” point dance! The video is incredibly amusing to watch, and just goes to show that no one is safe from the “TT” craze!

The elderly people in the video danced to the song with lots of energy which made it look like they were veteran idols.

Watch the adorable  workout version of “TT”  below: