Old video of Chaeyeon wearing no makeup going viral

These GIFs of Chaeyeon’s flawless make-up-free face are garnering an enormous amount of attention right now and it’s easy to see why.

Various idols have been receiving a ton of praise for baring their gorgeous make-up-free-faces and DIA’s Chaeyeon is now garnering attention as well. Her blemish-free skin is truly breathtaking.

Chaeyeon’s face looks exactly the same without makeup. Her beauty really is unshakeable.

Her natural highlighted skin and good bone structure make her bare face look incredible. A good skincare routine also helps to keep her glowing and healthy.

Chaeyeon receives a lot of praise for her lovely looks even when broadcasting it totally makeup-less. She’s completely comfortable showing off her natural state in front of the camera and has shared her pretty bare face a number of times.

One of the prettiest times was on Stand By I.O.I. where she presented her stunning just-before-bed look.

DIA is preparing a new album for April where Cathy, Chunga, and Chaeyeon will reunite. With upcoming promotions, Chaeyeon is likely taking good care of her already perfect skin and preparing to show everyone an even prettier image, if that’s even possible.