This Olympic Short Track Athlete Looks Exactly Like A Wanna One Member

Is he an athlete or an idol?

Olympic short track athlete Lim Hyo Jun is currently getting a lot of love for his dapper looks. Many even claim that his charm is on par with group Wanna One!


The Olympian made an appearance at the MBN Y Forum 2018, a youth mentoring festival, alongside actor Lee YuriWanna One, and several other Olympic athletes.


Wearing a Korean athletic uniform, many fans at the event thought Lim Hyo Jun was the most eye-catching person on stage!


The athlete was standing next to the members of Wanna One, and many fans claim that if it wasn’t for his uniform, Lim Hyo Jun would have blended right in with the popular group.


Lim Hyo Jun even had some fun with the situation, posting photos of himself pretending to be part of the group on his Instagram.

“Pretending to be a member of Wanna One” — Lim Hyo Jun


But Lim Hyo Jun isn’t just another good looking athlete. He was the winner of the 1500m men’s short track speed skating event, and South Korea’s first gold medal of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics. He even broke the Olympic record for the event!


No wonder he’s getting so much attention!


Source: Insight and NBC

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