Once One Of Korea’s Most Popular Idols, She Begged Her Junior Idols To Help Her Song Enter The Charts

She didn’t care about pride or image, she said her honest truth.

TARA‘s Hyomin made a comeback with her solo track, titled “Allure” back in February 2019. Unfortunately, her new song didn’t see as much success as her previous songs.

Hyomin took promotions into her own hands by tweeting fan accounts of top charting idols, asking them to stream her songs too. She first asked fans streaming LOONA‘s “Butterfly” to help with streaming after “Butterfly” hit Top 10 on both Naver Music and Bugs.

Congratulations. Please help me chart tooㅜㅜ #Hyomin #Allure #February20th6pm

— Hyomin

Then she asked DREAMCATCHER fans to stream her song too.

#DREAMCATCHER, I support you. Please help me chart tooㅜㅜ #Hyomin #Allure #February20th6pm

— Hyomin

She confessed honestly that she was envious of her juniors’ chart rankings and asked MONSTA X fans to help her.

#MONSTAX I’m jealous that all the songs chartedㅜㅜ Congratulations. Please help me chart too..ㅜㅜ #Hyomin #Allure #February20th6pm

— Hyomin

Lastly, she asked ITZY to help “Allure” chart on the music sites. She also snuck in her bias for Ryujin!

#ITZY I’m a week late but I’m streaming your song. Please help me chart tooㅜㅜ #Hyomin #Allure #February20th6pm #ImPersonallyAFanOfRyujin

— Hyomin

After seeing her ask other idols’ fans to help her song succeed in the charts, many netizens and fans felt pity for her.

The pity comes from the fact that Hyomin used to be one of the most popular idols back during the early 2010’s when T-ARA ruled the charts with their hit songs like, “Roly Poly”, “Bo Peep Bo Peep”, “Lovey-Dovey” and more. “Roly-Poly” in particular was the number one song in 2011.

T-ARA used to sweep the charts and win multiple music show awards. During their peak era, they were even considered a rival of Girls’ Generation.

Seeing her song fail to even break into the Hot 100 charts appeared to have made Hyomin think of new ways to promote her song.

And her plans worked! “Allure” broke into Bug’s chart at #46 later on in its debut week! Perhaps Hyomin’s new tactic will become a precedent for new song promotions.