ONCEs Have Caught A Mistake In TWICE’s “YES or YES” Music Video.

How could they have missed this?

TWICE is a group known for their stunning visuals.

ONCEs have discovered a shocking mistake in TWICE’s music video for their hit song, “YES or YES”.

ONCEs are understandably furious over this.

Some fans expressed their disapproval over the poor CGI.

This isn’t the first time where sharp-eyed ONCEs have spotted mistakes in a music video.

In the music video for “Heart Shaker”, fans caught sight of Tzuyu stumbling while dancing to the chorus.

Similarly, the fans caught Nayeon sneakily moving to her next location in the music video for TWICE’s debut song, “Like OHH-AHH”.

In the music video for “TT”, Nayeon accidentally bumps into Chaeyoung while moving to her next position. Luckily, Nayeon takes her left hand off her hip to prevent a collision. Since it goes by pretty fast, most fans don’t notice – highlighting how professional Nayeon is.

Source: Youtube