One BLINK Named Their Daughter After BLACKPINK, And They All Loved The Name

It was so pretty that Lisa had to try it out for herself.

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie once came across a fan’s comment that caught her attention during a live broadcast and she read it aloud for everyone to hear.

A fan had named their daughter after them. At first, they were all shocked and couldn’t believe it, most likely thinking the name wouldn’t be a fitting one and just a mash up of their names.

Before Jennie could fully read the name, the comment disappeared and had to search for it again. That’s when Rosé said, “Please don’t,” before cracking a smile and saying that she was only kidding.

When Jennie found the comment again,  they discovered that the name for the daughter was Lalisé, a combination of Lisa‘s name with Rosé’s. And, they were impressed with how pretty it sounded.

The daughter’s name was so cute Lisa had to try it out for herself by saying, “Hi, I’m Lalisé,” and the rest of them couldn’t stop gushing about it. Watch how excited they get at 15:28.