One Of Cube Entertainment’s Most Famous Producers Has Just Left The Company

Fans are sad to see him go, but hopeful that he will work on a wider variety of tracks!

Cube Entertainment‘s hit song maker Kim Tae Ho, better known as his producer name Big Sancho (or Bicksancho as per his Instagram), confirmed on his social media platform that he will no longer be working at the agency.


Kim Tae Ho has been a Cube Entertainment in-house producer, creating bops for K-Pop’s hottest groups like BTOB, Apink, CLC, HyunA, and PENTAGON, since 2014.


Some of his more popular works include, but are not limited to:

  • 4MINUTE‘s “Crazy”

  • HyunA‘s “Red”

  • BTOB‘s “Hello Mello”

  • CLC‘s “Hobgoblin”

  • PENTAGON‘s “Pentagon”


In his latest Instagram post, Kim Tae Ho stated that April 30, 2018 was his last day with Cube Entertainment.

A post shared by Kim tae-ho (@bicksancho) on

“April 30th, 2018. I’ll be leaving Cube Entertainment. Outside the agency where I made so many memories, I’m going to start over new. I joined the agency empty-handed, but it taught me so much and offered so much to me. I am forever grateful and sorry. I felt supported working with the best and most hard-working producers, engineers, and agency employees. It was an honor being able to work with awesome artists too. Thank you, Mr. Hong, for having faith in me and working with me. I will continue to work hard whenever and wherever I am, making sure that I don’t ever let all of you down. Lastly, I wish the agency all the best. Thank you employees and artists of Cube Entertainment.” — Kim Tae Ho


While fans are sad to see him leave Cube Entertainment where he created several hit tracks, they wish Kim Tae Ho the best of luck with his future endeavors.

  • “This is a huge loss. He is a hit maker and I’m sure he taught most of the talent to produce, as you can see his influence on Hui, E’dawn and Soyeon.”

  • “Damn, that’s a big loss. I hope they’ll still source to him in the future. :(“

  • “Wow, this is surprising to me. I kind of thought he would be directing (G) I-DLE’s music from here on out. Hopefully he’ll still be open to working with CUBE in the future despite not being in-house, seems like he’s leaving on good terms.”


Source: Reddit