One Direction’s Liam Payne Compliments GOT7 Jackson During MTV’s EMA

GOT7’s Jackson made a lasting impression when he attended the MTV’s Europe Music Award.

Jackson was seen hanging out with Liam Payne, casually sipping his drink, as Rita Ora presented the next act.

Netizens around the world immediately reacted on Jackson’s appearance, asking around who the handsome guy next to Liam Payne was.

Liam Payne also took to Twitter to reveal what he thought of Jackson.

He turned heads with his great smile and handsome looks, as he strutted down the red carpet.

Jackson’s MTV Europe Music Awards appearance is being compared to when BTS’s Jin went viral at the Billboard Music Awards.

Jin Goes Viral As The Hot “Third One From The Left” During The Billboard Awards

British news sites already released an article about Jackson’s visuals.

Source: NST

Jackson was chosen to represent the region of Greater China as he was recently appointed as the official ambassador of MTV Europe Music Award.

iGOT7 will have to wait and see if this is the beginning of GOT7’s global domination.