Here’s One Fan’s Honest Thoughts About Each BTS Member After Seeing Them In-Person

Have you seen BTS live?

On February 26 KST, a post on a Korean online community board gained attention for a fan’s honest thoughts on celebrities after seeing them in person. The poster was part of the BTS ARMY and gave their true opinions about the members. The fan’s position at the concert was a first row standing seat.

Here are the posters’ thoughts after seeing the boys live.

1. Jin

“He is the epitome of handsome. I was once again reminded as to why he calls himself worldwide handsome. His face was so small but his eyes were so shiny and bright. His nose was also perfect. In my opinion, I feel like his face has the most v-line shape out of all the members. His face is so handsome from all angles and his side-profile face was also really small. I think his features are just different from the average person.”

2. Suga

“I first got into BTS when they were promoting “War of Hormone”, so I remembered Suga to be very sharp-looking. But I was once again proven wrong at the concert because he just looked a cat on stage. He was really thin and was the palest person I have ever seen. He seems similar to Red Velvet’s Wendy, being thin and pale. I feel like his cheeks would be so soft to touch.”

3. RM

“His body proportions are out of this world. If you line up all the members of BTS you can only see Namjoon. His head is so small and his legs are miles long. Even if you are not a fan you would know that there aren’t many people with such perfect body proportions. It’s because of his perfect body ratio that I keep looking at him. The camera doesn’t do him justice. Seeing him in-person is 5000 times better. He is also speaks really eloquently and well.”

4. J-Hope

“We need to break the cameras ASAP. He is another member that you need to see in-person because he looks 5000 times better. To all the haters that think his face is too long, you won’t be saying that once you seem him in the flesh. His nose is absolute perfection that it’s the only thing I can remember now. He dances so f*cking well too, I almost cried watching him perform “MIC Drop.”

5. Jimin

“When I first got into BTS it was when Jimin still had that baby face cute image but after seeing him in-person my mind has been blown. He is the epitome of sexy. His face is very sharp-looking. Although he is not that tall his body proportions are great.”

6. V

“Taehyung’s T-zone area is crazy. His T-zone and his chin is so masculine. He is the member that looks the most similar to what we see on the screen. He was walking towards us from far away and literally all I could focus on was his T-Zone. His nose angle is high and his face is just perfection.”

7. Jungkook

“His chin is really masculine. He has a different vibe than V in that he seems more chiseled but really hot. Also when he sings, his cheeks almost looks kind of sucked in? Not sure how to explain it but it’s really cool. His body proportions are also out of this world. His thighs also looked super thick. He was wearing black jeans during this concert and his legs were so long and slim. He has the golden ratio body.”

What are your thoughts on this fan’s story? Have you seen BTS live?

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