How One Fan’s Mother Also Became Part Of The BTS ARMY

Have you ever helped someone become an ARMY?

A message was posted to an online community board and gained much attention for it’s interesting story of how a BTS fan’s mother also became part of the ARMY fan base.

The post reveals that the fan’s mother is someone who lives by the rules and has a set schedule and is never late for appointments. Funny enough, she is also fast in catching on to trends and new things. After visiting the fan’s house, her mother asked about BTS and how she’s seen them all over the news. The fan began to explain who the group was while her mother took out her phone and took detailed notes.

After note-taking, her mother asked for some videos of the group. As soon as legendary clips of BTS came on the screen, her mother whipped out her phone and started comparing the notes to the video, trying to memorize who is who.

The fan took her mother’s phone to take a look and this is what she found: A whole list of the member’s names, ages, and traits.

Her notes read:

RM (Kim Nam Joon) 25 years old. In charge of English speaking. Rapper. Lyricist and producer. Charisma from Ilsan.

Jin (Kim Seok Jin) 27 years old. Worldwide handsome. Good looking oldest member. From Gyeonggido Gwacheon. Kunkook University.

Suga (Min Yoongi) 26 years old. Number 1 shooting guard basketball player. Seems chic but actually takes care of everyone. Lyricist and producer. Good at rap and from Daegu.

J-Hope (Jung Ho Seok) 25 years old. Main dancer. Choreographer. Fun and cute personality. Rapper. From Gwangju.

V (Kim Tae Hyung) 24 years old. Strong deep vocals. Dream was to be a farmer. From Geochang. Good-looking. Great at expressions on stage.

Jimin (Park Jimin) 24 years old. Contemporary dance. Graduated from Busan Art High School. Good and singing and dancing. Has a pretty line when dancing.

Jungkook (Jeon Jungkook) 22 years old. Main vocal. Has great thighs. Golden maknae. Jack of all trades as he can sing, dance, do sports as well as shoot film. He is a bit shy but totally changes once on stage.


Her mother spent a total of two hours studying BTS before going back home. She also confirmed that her bias was J-Hope that day as well.

The next day she received a text from her mom.

Mom: The mic is supposed to drop at the end of the video but why doesn’t that part show?

Fan: Oh sorry wrong video this one is “DNA.”

Mom: Oh

Fan: lol

Mom: What are the main points of “DNA?” Who rocks this video?

Fan: The whistle sound. Choreography. The part where all the members hold hands and do a pumping move to portray the veins pumping. Those are some of the main points.

Mom: Ah I will have to watch carefully. Send some pics of J-Hope.

The fan found it hilarious that her mother was asking for J-Hope pics and detailed analysis of the music videos. In short, this fan’s mother quickly delved into the world of BTS and became an ARMY. Are your parents or friends a part of ARMY too? Let us know how they got into BTS!